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    We are one of the leading tattoo studios in sweden.
    We are located nearby the arena Globen, the southern part of Stockholm.
    We are among the most experienced tattoo studios in Sweden,
    with more than 15 years in our proffession.
    You are very welcome to visit us.
    Our adress is:

    Paternostervägen 10
    121 49 Johanneshov

    monday - thursday 12:00 - 19:00
    friday 12:00 - 17:00
    saturday tidsbestдllning

    To find the studio, there is a MAP. (Click)
    The subway stations are marked, and the studio is marked with red on the map,
    the map is also in the phonebook on page 41 D8.

    Webmaster: Roger Stålenmark © Skinnfantasi

    Phone 08 - 686 08 43
    Paternosterv 10, 121 49 Johanneshov, Sweden